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Location: Honey Brook, PA
Zipcode: 19344
Country: US


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12/16/11 05:19:41PM @hippiegal:

Thank you so much for the add! Please send more pics soon of your progress.

12/16/11 04:45:51PM @hippiegal:

So sorry to read this about your son. Growing dreads for him is a beautiful tribute.

12/16/11 04:15:20PM @heather:

omg. i'm so sorry for your loss:( i don't what i'd do with myself if i lost a child.

Rachel NattyDee
12/10/11 11:43:29AM @rachel-nattydee:
so sorry for your loss. Sending you love & light xxx

Frank Schuster
12/10/11 10:21:51AM @frank-schuster:

Welcome Corey!

I really like the fact to let your memories dread into your hear, cause dreds last a lifetime!

lots of strengh to get throught this painful stage of your life!

jah bless!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/27/11 10:53:38PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and im so sorry for your loss but that is 1 thing dreads are best at and thats locking in all the experiences of the past

Daniela Martinez
09/16/10 11:54:23AM @erin-scherer:
Proud to be called your friend --- I hear where you live is beautiful --- hope you're having a peaceful day -- Aloha -- Naja

Daniela Martinez
09/15/10 01:24:16PM @erin-scherer:
I think it would make a great bumper sticker

Daniela Martinez
09/15/10 01:23:41PM @erin-scherer:
I like your comment on disposal society--- I made up a poem -comfort/convenience @ the cost of consciousness--- Aloha Naja

Daniela Martinez
09/15/10 01:20:55PM @erin-scherer:
Greeting--- welcome to the site --- thanks for joining our group

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