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Show off

By: Coloursnrainbows
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So I thought I would show off some of my crazy teenage baby dreads? At least that's what I think they are doing. Being rebellious in this stage of transformations.First I just found this one it's quite a huge loop thing. Not to sure what to make off it. And a little closer Then in perspective Now onto some others that are pretty flat but crazy. Hopefully in time they will round out a bit I mean it has only been 3 months. This one kinda reminds my of a bow. I love bows. But not sure if you can tell I couldn't quite get it from the right angle. (As I am the one taking the pictures)src="">Just another crazy one.src="">Now onto the back of the head. Now lets see what's truly going on back there in the grand scheme of things. HeheBad angle I know...And another bad angle. But you get my jist. And now altogether now.How bout some side views.One side. And the other. (Sorry for the lighting on this one) And just some to finish my "showing off" ;)Thanx for enjoying them with me! It's so nice to have people to show em off too without them still judging.
12/11/12 12:06:11PM @coloursnrainbows:
So glad they are about the same age! I love watching them change!

12/10/12 11:42:59PM @melony:

Your locs are looking beautiful!!
I'm about 3 months along my journey as well, the loopyness of your dreads looks a lot like mine!

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