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Cole Morton


Location: Winston Salem, NC
Zipcode: 27101
Country: US


images: 14
videos: 1

5 1/2 months old!!!!!

streams: 8
video file: 17.5MB, 00:03:46

Cole Morton
03/25/13 12:24:16AM @cole-morton:

I like fatter locs also, but I do intend to keep them as long as the universe will allow, and I don't want them to become to heavy or weaken anywhere. I think most are ok, I know i haveone in the back that is my most "solid" or "mature" and its huge. It's 2.5 inches at its widest point, however it's base is triangular.

Cole Morton
03/25/13 12:15:03AM @cole-morton:

Thanks Robyn! I have been super impressed with the rapid rate yours has come since you started the sea salt spray. I guess I am just nervous that on this natural/neglect journey I'm on, my hair may have sectioned its self too big. They are well on their way and I fear I will have to brush them and start over.....

Cole Morton
03/24/13 07:40:28PM @cole-morton:

Thanks Brandy!!!! I bet you're talking about my "squid". I guess when they are matured I am going to have to rename them lol!!

03/24/13 07:29:14PM @brandy:

that one in the back is so cute !!

Cole Morton
03/24/13 07:08:07PM @cole-morton:

Do you really think they are going to be huge? maybe I should separate some of them. I don't want them so big that they weiogh me down or need to be brushed out......

03/24/13 06:44:43PM @jazzymomma:

o i made the sillieest faces on my video but i didtn even replay it before posting cuz i knew if i did i definately wouldnt post it hahahaha

03/24/13 06:43:59PM @jazzymomma:

aww iam so glad u did decide post it hun:D:D i kno right i was soo nervous and didnt speak and was forcing myself to post it hahaha cringe but then got feedback that was awesome so i was proud i did it lol :D very cool dreads hun YAY now only time an grown longer right:D

Cole Morton
03/23/13 11:19:45AM @cole-morton:

haha finally it works lol

Cole Morton
03/23/13 11:18:27AM @cole-morton:

IDK I can't seem to get it to load right. I give up lol

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