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Question about separating

By Claire3, 2014-07-18

Here is a photo of my hair at 2.5 months of neglect. The underside (mainly loose hairs, not such defined curls) are beginning to knot, but the top still hasn't (I understand I am early on in the journey). I have been separating the natural curls, for example: 2 will start curling together (this happens with many) & then I carefully separate them to an individual curl. Do you think this is hindering progress? Should I let them curl together? My concern has always been that they will end up too big. Thanks to anyone and everyone for their input..


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Hey all,

I'm finding that Boulder County is most likely hard water. I have washed my hair 3x with Dr Bronner's (although once was in Moab, Utah), & have not had issues with filmy hair or residue (but I am only on 1.5 weeks). My sister (who is NOT dreading her hair) uses it & has no problem.

I have heard a lot about BS/ACV. What is the ratio, how do ppl like this? I have also been seeing links to Dreadlock Any ideas out there??

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By Claire3, 2014-05-09

Okay, well I am embarking on my dready journey. I was debating doing the twist & rip method, but after a lot of research (& reading on this site especially), I have decided to go natural/neglect. My hair is course & wavy/curly. Just at my chest now... wondering how much I should expect it to shrink up with dreads.

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