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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: San Antonio, TX
Zipcode: 78233
Country: US


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Ashton Delany
12/17/09 09:07:02PM @ashton-delany:
Thank you friend! love and bliss in your life from me :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/09/09 01:32:49AM @soaring-eagle:
i have 1 dread..flat 1 mm by 2 mm..or lessand bout 5 feet longits possible with abuse or weight it might break several years down the road..probly just the ends..many of my dreads are very thin..they havent broke till they drqagged on the ground...dont fear

Tricia Howard
12/08/09 11:18:47PM @tricia-howard:
No I'm definitely not going to brush them out this time. I am dedicated to them now lol. They are like a part of me already. Any tips on how to help the ends?

Tricia Howard
12/08/09 06:47:58PM @tricia-howard:
Thanks =] I'm excited for them to actually start dreading. They are reallly loose at the ends but the roots are pretty knotted so far. I know as time passes the roots will grow, but so far so good lol

12/08/09 06:21:42PM @christopher:
mine are getting pretty long and they are about two years old. i love them!

hippie mama
12/08/09 06:11:20PM @hippie-mama:
yeah my hairs been through the ringer before i had dreads i dyed it all kinds of colors then i only bleached this set the one time. ima give it a long while to recouperate. whats that saying "all in moderation" lol. but long dreads are the most awesome especially if youve had them for awhile. i like the beads to btw.

hippie mama
12/08/09 05:51:05PM @hippie-mama:
bleaching hasnt effected mine to harshly but i think its cuz i have really phat dreads but my husband has small dreads and some of his got britle and thin. i think its all about moderation and selection. lol i only bleached mine cuz i dyed them pink green and purple. and unfortunately on dark hair it doesnt i think next summer ima spray in sum lemon juice and go the natural route

12/08/09 05:10:52PM @christopher:
well i always thought they were easier but who really knows

12/08/09 04:21:08PM @kim:
There's even a song too =P Nice!

12/08/09 04:19:24PM @kim:
They're really easier to see? I never saw the difference with brunettes or blondes =D

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