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christina popejoy


Location: Bath
Country: GB


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christina popejoy

Smiley piercing :)

@ 3 years ago - Comments: 0
christina popejoy

Recycled House?

@ 4 years ago - Comments: 2
christina popejoy

Washing in the UK

@ 4 years ago - Comments: 4
christina popejoy

whats your favorite skill?

@ 4 years ago - Comments: 5

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christina popejoy
@christina-popejoy • last year

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1 Year 7 months dreads
Dreads in the Morning!
Dreads in africa about 2 Wks before I combed out
dunno when this was but love this pic!
messy nesty
Its a onsie sorta morning!
Photo on 06-06-2013 at 11.52
lumpy bumpy goodness
party in the back!
hemp wrap with irish sea shell
wet dreadies
Living the dream!


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the Barrellady
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Baba Fats
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