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chelsea grace


Location: Old Town, ME
Zipcode: 04468
Country: US


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Two years or so:)
7 months
7 months along
7 months


09/24/12 12:11:31PM @naturelover:

Thank you for watching my videos, and thanks for the friend request. :) I hope you are doing well and have a splendid day!! Much love :)

05/28/11 08:29:25AM @cheekychu:
hey there ^_^

jennifer duckie arellano
04/19/11 08:49:37PM @jennifer-duckie-arellano:
yaaaaaaaay thirrd friend;D

03/13/11 06:57:32PM @doogie:
Yeah, when I seen ABB and The Dead in '08 in State College, PA when they did that fundraiser for Obama they closed with Not Fade Away and everyone joined in. I got a bit misty with that one! LOL!

03/12/11 11:48:50PM @doogie:

i can only do 1 show but it will be so nice to get home only for a night of music where nobody critisizes anyone and everyone is phamily!

i'm doogie and it's nice to meet you to sister! :-)

Alex Angam
12/16/10 12:05:09AM @alex-angam:
Sorry I took so long to get back.The furthur/phish dilemma? I couldn't help my self, I had to go to furthur. It was a great show! I took 2 good friends to there first shows and they fell in love, now we are getting ready for the New Years shows soon! Red Rocks looked like a good time too! I'm a little bummed we couldn't make it, but it's alright, there's always next time!

Cage Free
11/08/10 11:42:09PM @cage-free:
Their names are beautiful. I wish I could hear you pronounce them. I was just peeking at your photos and you look SO familiar. When did you move away from Taos?I have never used a cradle board, but it sounds as though it may be even more useful than a sling. I loved all of my slings, but I always struggled with wanting to put them down when they fell asleep, but if I tried to get them from the sling to the bed they would always wake up. I finally switched to a back sling with Simone so that it was easier for me to just keep moving and doing chores, etc. despite her being asleep.I did want to deliver my third by myself. My partner was with me. It was him that first suggested that it was the experience that my soul was crying for. My first was a failed homebirth turned c-section. 3 days of labor. My second was a homebirth after 5 days of labor. My third was an unassisted birth after only 17 hours of labor :-) It was life-changing and I'm already dreaming of doing it again.My partner set up a birth tub we ordered when I felt like I was definitely in labor and I spent the day in and out of the tub while the fires blazed and a snow storm raged outside. It was so beautifully magical. I swear I felt connected to all of my ancestral mothers and grandmothers, aunts, etc.I feel like I have a little boy spirit hanging around and then I suspect I am done with the birthing and nursing. I do hope he gives me a little more time though. I feel tired. I've let my Fibromyalgia come back and whew... I'm beat!I LOVE the story of Aashkii's blessing. That river runs next to our house :-) Taos is such a beautiful place to get to be born.

Cage Free
11/07/10 07:55:04PM @cage-free:
Yeah, the walls are thick , hand hewn logs and the original adobe mud is still stuck between the logs near the ceilings which are made of latillas. It's nice.My partner wanted to spell it Nikola, like Nikola Tesla, but I was stuck on ch at the time. Wish I would have listened to him :-) We had some name trouble with our middle girl. She was actually named Simone for a day but I kept hearing Neeka in my head when I looked at her. So we changed it to Nichola and we call her Neeka. Our third, who I delivered by myself in front of the fire last winter, took the discarded name, Simone. :-) It seemed to fit her.Do you find it difficult having your boys close together? I had a pretty easy time with the spacing of my 1st and second, 4.5 years, but just over two years difference between my 2nd and third, felt way more intense emotionally for me.I have always wanted to spend time in New England. I often read books solely because they take place there. How is that compared to Taos? I wonder if the winters are harder because of how much less sun there is.We didn't make it to the Yonder show :( We did catch Michael Franti at Solar Fest though. I had never heard of him, but really enjoyed the show. Was Yonder out at Ski Valley?

Cage Free
11/06/10 08:05:36PM @cage-free:
Wow, my middle daughter's name is Nichola! We love Taos too. We don't have an earthship though. I wish we did. We have a beautiful historic cabin though. It was built in 1860 and has been lovingly restored and updated and we really dig it. It has nothing for solar gain because it's facing the wrong way, but it keeps heat and cool very well, which is good here in the Canyon. We had 19 ft of snow and it was 26 below many times last winter.

Dreaddy D
11/05/10 04:55:05PM @dreaddy-d:
i climed mt katadin in august it was the first moutain i ever climed and it was epic cause i did it in only socks......... i love it up there it was the most amazing experiance of my life!!!!!!!

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