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richie spice - marijuana dubstep

Duration: 00:02:39
"an interesting remix...a kinda relaxin dubstep song..take a listen.."
06/06/10 04:52:28PM @celestine:
oh that's great!!really nice of you, I shall try and think of some and let you know;)

06/06/10 02:41:07PM @coppa:
yo thats sick. I dj a little bit i put up 2 of my mixed songs on my profile (steady mobbin vs bounce, and She fine vs boom boom pow) if yall got any songs you really like tell me i'll Dj with dupstep w/e you like and post it up so u can listen to it.

Jack Roth
04/13/10 06:50:55AM @jack-roth:
Fucking sick tune man, dirty, its actually so dirty it makes me want to have a shower!

03/05/10 05:33:59PM @celestine:
in love wit this one for sooo long:)

02/28/10 12:33:25PM @bubblegumwhat:
hell yea

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