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Hang drum - Davide Swarup & Jeff Hijlkema

Duration: 00:03:35
amazing..beautiful rhyth and a brilliant location..In Jerusalem..Just watched it and wanted to share..
05/04/10 03:48:39PM @celestine:
your first time seeing sth like that??well, wait, i ll upload one of my favourites then:)happy you enjoyed it too

05/04/10 03:27:52PM @robb:
incredible, don't know how you come across these but I'm glad you do! the rythms meld so well together, very intuitive. again wish I could of been there. Hang Drums first time I've ever seen these. Thanks for sharing!

04/29/10 10:17:59AM @celestine:
yea i can only imagine:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/28/10 08:38:05PM @soaring-eagle:
very cool :) bet it sounded incredible in the cave

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