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Castaway J


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Zipcode: 89118
Country: US

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Castaway J
12/13/11 09:03:56PM @castaway-j:

thats awesome i appreciate it you all! i cant wait for the many matures to grow in. i have a few in the back that have a lot of real estate on my scalp tho lol :X i guess theyll just be my main pillows :D

Karrington <3
12/11/11 01:51:26PM @karrington-3:

Awww! I love your progress :) Your dreadies are looking good so far.. :)

12/09/11 10:48:37PM @kathleen:

They look great Change! You're going to have lots and lots of mature dreads!

Castaway J
12/09/11 08:49:47PM @castaway-j:

thanks :D i ahve so many all with a lot of loose hairs between

12/08/11 06:02:47PM @aika:

looking gooooood change

12/08/11 02:59:32PM @foxpaw:

scweeeeeeeeet man

Castaway J
12/08/11 10:38:25AM @castaway-j:
thanks you guys :D i appreciate it!

12/08/11 07:18:21AM @exalthimx7:

I was just gonna say time for an update last night and there you did one, haha! That's how I separate mine too. They look super, bud!!

12/08/11 03:48:33AM @hippiegal:

They're coming on great!

Castaway J
12/08/11 01:47:02AM @castaway-j:

the video itself, i talked about what i use and did some promo. good stuff thats not here..

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