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Castaway J


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Change, appropriately named.

By Castaway J, 2011-10-02

This being my first blog, probably ever, bear with me for my lack of, or fairly rusty writing skills :)

right now i am on day eleven of letting my hair naturally dread. the process as long as it takes, is very exciting to wake up to. right now i can separate the babies from keeping them from getting to big. this alone is fun, because several times i have come across certain locks of hair that for some reason unbeknownst to me, i just love. unique in every way, natural dread locks truly take on a personality of their own. i have noticed that since the last time my hair was brushed and looked "neat", it has still kept that same...persona you could say till today in that the waves have separated into their own individuals, yet some how easily conform how i used to be soadamantabout. i have also noticed that there really is not as much randomness as one would think when you begin dreading naturally, but do not get me wrong because there totally is randomness lol. i notice that my baby dreads, through my movements in everyday life, actually find themselves at the roots, and then go from there. i have not found to many dreads that when i look at them have hair from an inch away of the center of that dread tangled in. not sure if it is just my hair, but i am convinced that it was meant to dread.

many changes have been noticed in not only my dreads, but my life as well. because i completely accept who I am, and what my genetic makeup has me look like, people give me many frickincomplementsall the time! it is a great feeling, and the feelings exponentiated because I AM NOT FAKING ANYTHING!!! when i used to try to make my hair conform, just to look "perfect". im over it.

by nature, i am a great listener. and i have been told i can give the best advice. but the one thing that i almost always tell people is in the end, you HAVE to be true to yourself. there is no reason why you should HAVE conform to what someone else wants if you are not comfortable or happy with it...

this, i guess is where me growing my dreads is just me practicing what i preach i guess :)

i thought about growing dreads for a while...and you know its funny, because things happen for a reason, people come and go from your life at just the right time to show you exactly what they have to, at precisely the right time. of course you may come to REALLY enjoy this persons presence, but at the same time remember that they taught you something that will stick with you forever. these encounters can happen on a daily basis if you are open to them. what i am getting at is that this is what has just happened to me. these amazing people as short of a time as i know, knew them, taught me what i needed to know.

you can say that they showed me the path. to take the first step was my choice.

did i make the change?


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