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@carter-earl • 2 years ago • comments: 903
Posted a new Comment on @soaring-eagle:
"No longer use wax I use a cream and some style cream Jamaica Paradise"


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/06/16 04:53:05PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome... have you used wax all this time? please read up on the wax issue on here i very very strongly recommend you get wax b gone and get that wax out!

yours are the oldest surviving waxed dreads i know of.. very few dreads that have had wax put in them last long at all

and bees wax is extra hard to remove...if you used it all that time not just  at the start you might need many tubs of the wax b gone ..wax does not wash out.. one use stays in decades

wax b gones very effective but years of wax buildup will be pretty hard to remove

there are literally thousands of pages  of info on wax and the problems it caused

as well as  early on 1/2 our members lost dreads to wax.. now.. thanks to this site wax use is down by 98% and it has become very rare to come across anyone who used wax

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