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carolanne costantino


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ahhh again with the loose hair.

By: carolanne costantino
Posted in: patience has increased dramatically..and besides from pulling out the crochet hook for some (not all) loose hairs, im proud to say im still not doing anything else with my dreads, besides from baking soda cleanses. roots are growing in..some in the back is a tad bit frustrating, especially on top. im hoping to come across a happy medium with maintaining my roots (no palm rolling), but a natural way to help them along..a bit contridicting, but i hope someone knows what i mean. :)

lots of love carolanne
Good Energy
04/27/10 01:59:21AM @good-energy:
Gotta agree with SE! I have alot of loose hairs. ALOT! Especially in the front and sides. Back is great but I just said the heck with it! Let em be. They're mine! And I love em!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/30/10 10:51:37PM @soaring-eagle:
simple solution acceptenceaccept themas they are let them do as they choose and stop being so frustrated over what you think they should doi wonder what you base your ideas of what they should be like on?they are your dreads.. becomming your dreads just like your children growing up to be unique individuals they take a certain level of acceptencestop judging them and weighing theyre worth against someone elses dreads ..and dont judge them on what you think they should dothey are doing what they do and its perrfectly right for you

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