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Location: Jefferson, WI
Zipcode: 53549
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/09/11 07:42:31PM @soaring-eagle:

Kid Krinkle
10/10/10 04:26:13PM @matt12:
well, because i was wanting my hair to be long :)

Jon Ortiz
10/05/10 03:18:39PM @mounir-mohtasam:
You are from sweden, I seeI have wanted to move to sweden or at least visitwhat do you have to say about it?also props on social psych studies, i'm in love with anthropology, sociology and psychology, the trifecta of human beauty I saysweet dreads too man
10/01/10 02:32:08PM @joann-price:
sorry it took so long to comment back! i didn't see it.finally a man who understands and acknowledges that women are marketed for man's pleasure in society and not for the people they are. finallyyy.

Kid Krinkle
09/26/10 11:36:26AM @matt12:
thank you ;) i am for sure doing my dreads at the end of the yr

09/20/10 10:34:41PM @shayann-nowak:
You seem like pretty smart dude jim.
09/13/10 03:36:16PM @joann-price:
yeah, i find it pretty disgusting now. girls that wear bras now, i think, either wear them because they don't realize that they don't have to, or if they do, they still wear them because they're afraid of going against the "rule".
09/13/10 07:47:51AM @joann-price:
they've always been really uncomfortable since the first day I've 'had' to wear them. it took me ten years to realize it was my choice to wear them or not. it's such an unwritten rule in our culture that all women have to wear bras. i don't like that they change the shape of breasts, or make them appear bigger. there's nothing wrong with them the way they are, so why change them? and i'm lucky enough to not have really large ones where support is really needed.apart from that, not wearing them is really personal to me. it's my way of taking my body back after four years of anorexia.

Terry Cour II
09/13/10 12:22:48AM @cousindave420:
Check out Bassnectar! I think you will like it. Bass Ritual! Dubstep. :) Peace.
09/12/10 08:14:36PM @joann-price:
i have a hard time labeling myself as one belief system because i feel i don't fit one enough to call myself it. i'm not struggling to fit into any religion, it's just an observation. :) i suppose i should put a paragraph break between talking about ideals and religion, they weren't meant to be read as having the same difficulty :Pi've been contemplating holding a ceremonial burning of my bras :D terrible, terrible things.

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