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Natural Dread Blog

By: calipark
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blog sesh: natural dreadlocks are badass... keep your hair clean, cover it up when necessary and go on with your day.. wake up and marvel @ the total mess in the "reality" of a mirror.. week to week watch the matted mess sprout dreads... by 6 months your hair takes on its own character dread by dread.. by 1 year each dread has solid roots like a tree, and transforms on their own. the result of simply living your life and letting them do their thing -- becoming a reflection of that part of your life, more comprehensive than what a mirror could ever do. point being: you can do whatever you feel is right, and as long as it's something that produces results, you will find that patience and perseverance ALWAYS pays off. and you can ride each wave with that in mind until you get everything you want.

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