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Brittany Marie


Location: Vero Beach, FL
Zipcode: 32960
Country: US

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Intro to natural locs :)

streams: 17
video file: 18.9MB, 00:04:06

05/01/13 02:06:45PM @kimberly-anne:

helloBrittnanythnks 4 the vid! it wasuplifting<3 im in FL too! xX do u still have ur dreads ?

Baba Fats
10/02/12 11:22:52AM @baba-fats:

I completely agree about the best part of locks. I remember when I first realized my hair was finally long enough to tie up with itself. A very happy day.

Definitely make another video. Once in a while I make random ones for the hell of it. I made one a few weeks ago just taking a tour of my house and the work I started doing on it

Brittany Marie
10/01/12 05:20:03PM @brittany-marie:

Thank you! :) I meant to comment on the dog, actually... little yippie Chihuahua. She hates everything that isn't my grandmother. Lol :)

Christopher Landon Cremeans
10/01/12 11:01:24AM @christopher-landon-cremeans:

Nice dreads!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/12 01:21:04AM @soaring-eagle:

wow soooo beautiful

what kinda lil doggie ya got? sounds like a poodle or something ..Chihuahua whatever

lil yappy critter

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