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Brandy :]


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2012 - A Message of Hope

Duration: 00:25:13
BE THE CHANGE- Everyone watch this! get the word out! meditate! <32012 has been speculated over for thousands of years, its clear something big will happen. many cultures and uture predictors believe it to be an end, but an end to what? the world? or just the way we perceive the world? after thousands of years of seperation and war, could mankind finaly "get it" and learn to live in peace? for every human that lives in fear of the end of th wold theres another looking forward to the coming changes, the end of the way we have lived all along and a global rebirth into a more spiritual aware,.and awakened species.
Brandy :]
06/04/11 07:28:28PM @brandy:
yeah i know, but it is just as easy to figure them out ourselves :) and the government does do pretty shady stuff but we must learn to get past our hatred, for they do not know. we must keep our minds focused on the bigger picture, focus on the shift and focus on the balance of us all.

06/04/11 06:06:36PM @chris2:
That was beautiful when every human on earth came together and held hands as they were together.

06/04/11 05:57:47PM @chris2:
meditate for everything

06/04/11 05:56:37PM @chris2:
if only we found ancient answers of our past and if the government actually told society stuff they know, cus why not were all in this together here on earth idk why the government cant tell us earths ancient secrets if they have any......??

Brandy :]
05/31/11 08:58:26AM @brandy:
isnt it? :) and what you wrote is lovely, SE!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/31/11 04:43:23AM @soaring-eagle:

beautiful, i'm going to edit the description tho

Brandy :]
05/23/11 02:24:58PM @brandy:
oh yes its really not the 'new age movement' as the video says, this goes back to ancientSumeriantimes, back to the anaki. there has been a veil pulled over our eyes and we all just need to remember we are divine, we are all one. it IS time to wakeup :)

Evelyn Maes
05/23/11 01:51:54PM @evelyn-maes:
Very beautiful, old civilizations like the Egyptians already knew the power of the heart and mind. Most people just need to remember this, all knowledge is already in everyone of us, it just has to wake up.

Brandy :]
05/18/11 04:39:52PM @brandy:
thats awesome ;) it happened like that for a reason.

Alicia Burnit
05/18/11 12:07:55PM @alicia-burnit:
How strange this is! I just started a meditation group two days ago.

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