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Brandy :]


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By: Brandy :]
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Helllooooo fellow dreadies :) well i have some news, yesterday I, out of nowhere, decided to start twistNripping myhair. It has turned out BEAUTIFUL!Iveonly done the sides and top front (near my bangs). I started to do the back but the first two I did in the back I had to take out because they were pulling hairs fromeach otherand any pre-dread I would have made after that was bound to be very painful and uneven, so I took those two out. Today I plan on moving around some mirrors so I can see the back of my head perfectly and do it right, or having my mamma help me :) But I'm very excited about my dreads, they look amazing, a little braidy but i knowthat'llgo away in time, I intentionally left my roots a little loose so they could lock without force.

Ive recently started putting a little lemon juice in my sea salt spray :) Trying to lighten it up a lil naturally, and I quite like the friziness.

Mysoul mateis sooo pumped for some locks and cant wait until his hair grows out :) he can see how happy and confident they have made me and loves the idea of an energy antenna connecting to his noggin. "roots" he called them the other day.."like a tree", made the analogy himself, I told him he was exactly right, and that many dreadies reffer to them as roots/garden.

sooooo excited for my dreads to mature. LOVING life and my journey.


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