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brandon tomaselli


Location: spring hill, fl
Country: UM


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/21/11 01:41:28AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome starting dreads is easy stop combing and dreads happen read the dreaducation page

Keila Bean
12/15/13 09:16:32AM @keila-bean:

Oh, no worries brother! I completely understand! :D And that is really good to know that you are doing well now. If you ever need anyone to talk to - do not be shy to drop me a message! And I promise to be your friend as well! Thank you so much for being so kind! Much love, and always take care ! xoxoxox

Keila Bean
11/30/13 04:27:42AM @keila-bean:

Hello Brother! Thank you so much for adding me. Much love and may the heavens bless you ! xoxox

Earth Rose
11/16/13 04:39:36AM @knotty-jonny-clean:

Hi Kingston!
Nice to meet you :o)
I'd love to hear a little about life in Brazil someday, it's a place I'd really love to go to...
Been wondering - who's the hero in your photos? Didn't recognise him. Tried zoom, but couldn't read the writing!

Peace bro

liana thomas
04/25/13 07:35:16AM @liana-thomas:

hiiiii :) sorry i never check my page comments only my inbox yes i just saw the video thank you its so nice of u :) yes i'd love to see ur artwork soon :) i hope u find a job soon and that u have a good day today :)

what is new in ur life ? made any new friends ? how is ur hair ?? :)

lots of peace and love to u brother :) god bless :)

liana thomas
03/29/13 05:29:24AM @liana-thomas:

hiiii there !! lots of love to youuuuu ! :)

01/12/13 07:43:41PM @jessi2:

ahhh, I never ever forget a good person, so will always be in touch - happy always to hear from you xo

12/12/12 01:08:24AM @jessi2:

bless you..

12/09/12 08:42:55PM @jessi2:

aww thank you... that was very well-said and I appreciate it xo


12/07/12 10:25:25PM @jessi2:

thanks for the advice.... i will definitely make sure to follow through 100% boanoite+peace+resp

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