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new dreddie
12/30/10 09:35:02PM @new-dreddie:
very cute braid!

Trina Sandress
12/28/10 04:06:20PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for the friend request! I hope your holidays are peaceful and fun.

Steaze McGee
12/28/10 01:45:02AM @steaze-mcgee:
This one is dangerous. It's called entrapment. What else makes want to run?

Steaze McGee
12/28/10 01:35:20AM @steaze-mcgee:
HahaI just know the Assyrians are still around and Christian, but multiple cultures were there.It's funny how much a child remembers

Antonio Marquis Herbert
12/28/10 01:23:18AM @antonio-marquis-herbert:


Me from Kissimmee.. haha (K-Town) you kno!

I surprised to see a sista on here from me home!

Steaze McGee
12/28/10 12:39:59AM @steaze-mcgee:
Ya our moms really thought hard on their choices. Ha

Steaze McGee
12/28/10 12:36:29AM @steaze-mcgee:

There are many cultures in Iraq. Between the Tigris and the Euphrates is the spot where culture began. Some say Africa but in what is Iraq the Epic of Gilgamesh began. First book on the questioning of life. Probably trade routes sparked all this. and with trade routes comes cultural blending. India has a deep core at the beginning of literature and spiritual beginnings too though, so when people claim to be first who knows.

Tariq Aziz, the Prime Minister during Saddam's reign was Christian. I am not sure if he was Catholic. My last name is Aziz. Popular name. I know a little of current things. The history is deep though. You could be Assyian. I believe they are Christian. They were the large group in the area before the Hebrew arrived. I think they are pre-Babylonian and know for many improvements in battle.

I have not used any oils or anything yet. Only washing so far. What do they do for you?

Joe בן יוסף דוד
12/27/10 11:46:16PM @joe:
thanks for the add! :) beautiful locks.

Steaze McGee
12/26/10 03:20:56AM @steaze-mcgee:
My dad stopped talking to me at 13 when he got a Saudi Wife. Strange world. Got to love our mothers. I am in the same boat, it is tough to find your roots without a source. The search makes it worth the discovery though. Talk to the family. If you want to ever talk I know a little. What ethnicity and religion was your dad?Your locks are beyond sick. I really like them. The quote, it is my new favorite. Try it out, it is a fun one to use.

Steaze McGee
12/26/10 02:43:34AM @steaze-mcgee:

My father is an Iraqi Kurd and my mom was born in America.I was born in America and have never got the chance to visit Iraq. I was going to but the Persian Gulf War ruined that chance. Haven't got the chance since.

I love the War quote. My boy has the entire verse tattooed on his arm.

Enjoy the Day, Cherish the Night

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