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i cant believe it had to come to this...

By: Boobie
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so my mom got married the day before valentine's day and before the wedding she kept nagging and complaining about my hair... then basically shunns me because of the simple fact that she cant get used to my hair. so i got sick of all her drama and cut them. i have decided to grow my hair back out though because i fuckin love dreads and i cant stand having short hair. but this time im going all natural and just throwing the comb away. SE makes too many good points about how growing dreads naturally is way better any way so i cant not do it lol.

02/24/10 08:14:45AM @gratefulnick:
aw, Well hopefully this set, the natural set will be awesome. I almost had to cut for my brothers wedding, but I just wore a top hat and a cane, felt like a pimp at a wedding.

02/23/10 12:26:41AM @iain:
I've never heard the end of it from my mom, the other day a guy came into her work an she texted me "There's a guy here with dreads nastier than yours!"I wrote back my Hair is cleaner than yours!lol well that musta been painful cutting, why not condition out? and how much did u cut?

02/23/10 12:19:08AM @illumiknotty:
not everybody will love your dreads! maybe your mom, your employer, or even some boy might think they're stanky assjust do you :) im happy you decided to go natural

02/22/10 10:34:05PM @euphorian:
next time maybe you'll tell your mom "it happen itself..." support natural dreading yay :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/10 10:22:39PM @soaring-eagle:
aww well glad your gonna start over and well i tink evberyone who goes natural kinda makes te same good points..i just make the opoints over and over i guyess..loli ope mom appreciated your sacrifice

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