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Location: Cornwall
Country: GB


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me again
me in the woods
me in the woods
In London
fairy tat
in Greece
me at eden project
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tinkerbell the rainbow fairy
04/22/10 11:15:41AM @tinkerbell-the-rainbow-fairy:

sending you a big hug of love and light xxxx

04/16/10 08:25:35AM @melanie2:
I knew it..I never forget a face :D It's wonderful to see you here too Lise : )Peace and loveMelaniexxx

04/15/10 03:24:07PM @melanie2:
Hi..haven't I seen you somewhere before? Like MySpace? :DPeace and loveMelaniexx

Roblynn Neumann
03/21/10 05:44:32PM @roblynn-neumann:
I love the blond dreads! Mine are actually turning that way with time, sun and swimming. have a great weekend also.

Jason Escoffery
03/21/10 04:01:38PM @jason-escoffery:
thanks for the friend request Blondy249. your dreads are awesome. Bless!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/19/10 10:43:40AM @soaring-eagle:
i believe you should be able to, copy and pasye the existing csss to a text file just in case use it as a backup

03/19/10 05:20:24AM @blondy249:
Thanks everyone for all ya help..coolx

Lonnie Berg
03/18/10 07:09:04PM @lonnie-berg:
Truer words were never spoken SE, she's a LOT PRETTIER than You!!!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/18/10 06:36:04PM @soaring-eagle:
and post some pictures of u.. u maybe my age about but u look much better :) u look 10 years younger then me at least

Lonnie Berg
03/18/10 06:35:13PM @lonnie-berg:
You're welcome to sell your wares on here, at the top of the page you can go to Dread Shops and set up shop. Also in the forums we,ve created an outlet for home crafters and such that dont have an actual shop. If ya wanna use that one just go to Forums anc click on see all, it's in there.We Love Homemade

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