The Journey

By Daveydoh, 2015-03-04

I am restarting my dreadlock journey (Or not). I was too paranoid about the length of my hair, and why it wasn't growing a certain way. I dreaded my journey more than my hair was dreading. I didn't even let my girlfriend play with my hair as she so often wanted to do. My hair wasn't a full blown head of dreads, they were baby dreads, but you could definitely tell what they were when I moved my hands over them to show people who didn't believe me that hair could dread on it's own.

When that girlfriend became my ex, (not due to dreading) there was a long time that I felt unconfident about myself and lonely, I had gone into the darkness of deep depression. I lost my appetite, things that were once enjoyable were now boring, I didn't want anything, I wanted to cease existing. The women on dating websites didn't like my mess of hair or a "rats nest" as some referred to it. So I decided to cut it and move along and leave my dreads in the past, my barber asked me if I wanted to keep them. I replied to him, "No I'm going to leave the past where it belongs, behind me." (Dramatic I know!)

I came home that day, looked in the mirror several times and just couldn't figure out who I was looking at, I was a whole new person at least I felt I was. On that very day I snapped a picture and uploaded onto some sites ready to date! After very unsuccessful attempts at meeting anyone interesting. I felt really bad, I gave up my dreads for something so futile, I caught myself looking back at my past pictures (especially the one of me in the barber chair) and felt sad and like a sellout. 

My ex enjoyed food, in fact, she was even a chef, she knew how to cook! There was a woman I  went on a date with, and she was the exact opposite. She told me from the beginning she didn't like to eat which was weird, who doesn't like to eat? When she told me to stop eating my pizza I looked at her with a look of disgust. I had already planned on never calling this girl again, she wasn't even as fit as my ex was and was on the chubby side and she was telling me not to eat?! I drove home and ignored her texts afterwards.

It was during this time that I really had started missing my ex, I wanted to show her that I could please her and make her happy. After all if I was willing to jump through hoops for random women, how come I wasn't able to make it work with her?! Maybe she would take me back since my hair was short again.

When she didn't want me back I went back into my dark world, my heart was once again shattered by her. During this time, people who verbally tried to insult me were meaningless. I used to be a real hot head, and anything could set me off, nothing could hurt me more than my shattered heart had. When I started becoming numb to such pain is when I found my happiness again. I was amazed how truly strong I am, and how much control I had over myself.

I began rethinking of growing my hair, but at the same time I enjoyed it being short I felt that I didn't need dreads. My family and boss's all loved me with my hair short, even making small comments of how handsome I look with it short. This gave me lots of encouragement to keep it short.

But of course, when I was looking at myself in the mirror and I remembered the moments I would move my hair out of my eyes when I showered or when I would drive. I thought to myself, I understand that your hair does not make you who you are, but at the same time maybe my baby dreads hadn't taught me what they needed to teach me yet and I had cut them to early. I only wanted one woman in my life, and I couldn't have her, if anyone else came along she would have to accept me with my hair dreaded.

I had finally made up my mind that I would regrow it, but then my ex and I started dating again. She too always loved me with short hair, but I noticed she had stopped shaving parts of her body, not that I minded I've always loved her for who she was, even though I do love smooth shaved legs, but she doesn't like to shave and it hurts her every time she does! I told her she didn't have too anymore if she didn't want too. I'd support her no matter what she did. She was not very supportive of me growing my hair out, she would say that she would support me again, but I felt she did not mean it. I wanted her too though, and so I had given up. I'd  watch other people with dreads and pretend I had my own. I still can't help, but stare at dreadheads beautiful locks.

When I was admiring my dreadlock shampoos (I still had from and I missed using them...on my dreads.) She saw me and I guess she felt bad, she told me that I could regrow my hair on one long as I let her play with it during it's process, and it's what I wanted all along! To be able to grow my dreads with no stress, no worries, no drama about my hair. I want to be happy and that's what makes me happy...her and my head of dreadlocks. I may cut it again out of impatience this time, but at least it will because I want too, and not because I'm being forced by myself.. I hope I can look back on this and remember what I wrote, maybe it will move me to keep growing...and maybe not...this time I am truly looking forward to the journey instead of the destination, no matter where it takes me. If I have her, then I think I will be okay.



My Fourth Journey

By ღHippie Loveღ, 2015-02-25
I started my fourth dreadlocks journey 12/15/2014
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Dreadlock racism

By Tati Bear, 2015-01-31
Just read some thing on the internet just now that really just threw me with its crap logic and hate. I'm new to physically wearing dreadlocks but I feel like my hair`s whole life has been waiting for them and for me it's fucking AMAZING having them. Now if this is how I feel about it, then I cannot be the only one. I truly feel like this world is hate filled enough and that if you find some one or even a group of people who "feel you" then it should be taken in as a blessing. Even if the only thing you have in common is the way you keep your hair. I personally feel that there is only ONE race of people who should have dreadlocks man and that's the HUMAN RACE (but if any animals wanna get on board I won't be hate`n ;) Bob Marley said it best man- "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, every where is war." Dreadlocks are for all of us, not for some of us. They originate where all good things do and that's from our Heavenly Father and Creator. So seriously man stop making them out to be only for some and not for others. It's that kind of ass backwards thinking that's the problem with the world.
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Dreads are starting to form

By Vicky Viper, 2015-01-27

Now my hair is really starting to become very "dready". I recived my dreadshampoo a couple of weeks ago and it works really well!

After each wash I feel it become more and more tangeld, it feels great!

I'm really looking forward to be able to use beautiful beads and my coral and I want crystals in my hair aswell. It's going to be awesome!



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2-day47.jpg?width=7504-day47detail.jpg?width=750Some days it seems like this journey is going nowhere fast, but looking back at a few earlier photos says otherwise. My hair is getting quite wild now and seems to be forming loose clumps. Just before Christmas, I did put in a few TNR dreads just to prove to my husband that it was indeed possible for my hair to dread. I tied them off with wool yarn and quite like them.It alsoappears that I am getting better at the mystical art of taking selfies!

**Before anybody freaks out and tells me what wool will do in my hair...I know. I am a fiber artist and am well aware of the felting properties of wool.**

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By Vicky Viper, 2015-01-06

Got my first couple of babydreads starting to form!! And just ordered my first dreadlock shampoo today. Seems like my hair is very dreadsfertile since i just started 1.5 week ago! Love!

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my video

By Harmony3, 2014-12-28
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Nearly 5 Months :)

By Mariah Mae Stone, 2014-12-23

I have had my dreadlocks for five months (in a few days)! I get super excited every time I look in the mirror :) They are changing a lot.

There's two dreads at the base of my neck that have sort of congo'dtogether without me noticing, so it's toolate toseparatethem. It's going to become a very thick dreadlock over time :)

My natural hair color is pretty much completely grown in, but the tips of my dreads are still very blond which caused a really cool affect on the color of my hair. It almost looks like I have highlighted dreads, but they all have some blond and mostly my darker brown color. I used to really hate my brown hair, and I would always dye it when I had regular hair. BUT ever since I've started the dreading process, I've learned to love my natural color. It makes me feel a lot better about myself too.

I'm still washing once a week with Dr. Bronners although I usually go a week and a half before I wash them now. I'm not sure if that is just because I'm more comfortable with my dreads, but I don't feel a need to wash more frequently. My scalp has only been itchy after I first started my dreads. Ever since the first two months have passed I haven't had any problems with that.

Also, I wanted to review the Lock Magic Locking Gel that I have purchased from one of this websites shops. I did get the scented one (I think it was called karma) and I really enjoy the way it smells and the way it makes my hair smell. It has really helped some of my loose hair start to lock together. I have been applying it once a day every few days, and I don't use very much of the product when I apply it. When I get up in the mornings I notice the loose hairs already knotting up where I applied the gel. I am very impressed with it, and I really love the way it makes my hair smell. AND the scent lasts for hours :)

Okay, now I'm just rambling.

Either way, I am so grateful for my experiences throughout my dreadlock journey and all of things I am learning along the way.

~Namaste, free spirits :)

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One Year!

By Arkynstone GypsyFae, 2014-12-19

As of two days ago, my babies are a year old! My hubby said he's surprised I lasted this long because, as he says, I change my mind often. I used to dye my hair and I'd go with a new color every three months or so.

I explained that it's because I feel more like myself than ever. I'm happy.

I do look at other photos and wonder why mine got so short so quickly, whether they are progressing the way they "ought" to, and whether I should start fresh. Then I remind myself that every journey is different, that my dread babies are just doing what is natural for them, and that I need to continue to be patient and trust that the process is as it should be.

I owe many thanks to the community here, for without you I might have lost faith months ago. This is truly a wonderful family of dreadies and I'm so very pleased and blessed to be part of it. <3

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What kind of dreads are these?

By Michael8, 2014-12-07

Hi, i REALLY need to know what kind of dreads these are ive been wanting them for so long now.... And when i ask the hair salonist what do i ask her if i want my hair like this?

1st picture:

2nd picture:

3rd picture:


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