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Holly Sanderson
03/11/13 07:40:07PM @holly-sanderson:
Ello fellow New Yorker. I'm a bit north of you in Plattsburgh :] are you heading up for mountain jam :D ? Sick lineup

07/15/12 04:44:08PM @chad-white:

Awesome I hail from Albany Georgia and you hail from Albany New York ! Thats pretty interesting ! That sounds like a great conversation,

jessica rainbow
05/01/12 11:51:52AM @storm730:

make a video grlll!

jessica rainbow
01/30/12 08:00:45PM @storm730:

welllllll....ive been using it for two days, and so far i havent seen it do much. i dont know if theres some secret to it, but yeah, it doesnt bind the hair or anything like that. it just soaks into the hair and then you could barely tell i put anything in my hair. ill let you know if something changes.

jessica rainbow
01/26/12 09:24:11PM @storm730:

yea, girl. mine still wont dread. i've heard a couple of people say the same thing. i mean, very very slowly some spots are starting to tangle, but i still have plenty of completely normal hair around my ears. it helps to just ignore them and maybe put a tight bead on some of them. i got the new locking gel for those too. the loose hair gets really annoying because it gets tangled all over the place. :P

01/02/12 02:53:46AM @beezy:

Its ok... I guess.


jessica rainbow
12/27/11 10:44:39AM @storm730:

its true, i dont worry at all any more. i love to see more photos of progress! you should do a video update. im still convinced we have the same hair. haha. anyway, ill be looking around for those new pictures!

jessica rainbow
12/26/11 01:27:50AM @storm730:

your hair is looking great michelle!

josette osorio
11/17/11 09:46:16PM @josette-osorio:

I'll get one of my friends to take a photo tomorrow. i can't seem to get a good photo on my own. i can put one up but its not the best. I've dyed my hair too many times in the past, i'm sticking to my natural colour. If i dye my hair, i have to wait till the dye comes out on its own. There is no colour that can match my real colour anywhere, so my hair just looks silly when it's growing out lol. I'll put a pic up, but as i said, i've only been dreading a week lol

josette osorio
11/17/11 07:14:15PM @josette-osorio:

They have parted yes, i'm just not sure if its going the way it should be, but i'll keep it this way just now and leave it to do its thing. I'm going to wait a few days to wash my hair again. SE said that i should try more baking soda, i guess i just used to much water. I'm going to try sea salt for just now and see if that helps out. Your dreads are looking really good. That's a great pic to show them off. I'll get photos of mine soon and put them up and you can let me know what you think lol. How long did it take for your hair to start knotting up?

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