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Beverly A Holstein


Location: Ridgeview, WV
Zipcode: 25169
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/20/11 12:40:25PM @soaring-eagle:

you came to the right place to learn start by reading the dreaducation page

04/26/10 03:15:50PM @matthew-hughes:
I really loved your dreads but understand you weren't feeling them anymore. What method did you use when you did them? They were like perfect!Peace

04/25/10 06:23:05AM @graphixfanatic:
Just watched ure "Dreads 10 days vid" almost like a rememberance vid now

04/25/10 06:21:46AM @graphixfanatic:
Your dreads looked lovely ! Im so glum u cut them off but everything has it time.

04/18/10 09:21:42AM @ryan-p-stroud:
you got pretty sweet dreadlocks =D. nice sharin with ya!

Marisa Hinds
04/16/10 02:23:29AM @chris3:
hey thanks for accepting.happy dreading.p&l_zen

willa si
04/15/10 01:28:25PM @journe-domek:
Your profile pic is beautiful! You should join the 'sexy dreadies' group and post it there too, if you haven't already. : )Peace and lovexx

Stella Cooper
04/13/10 03:56:22PM @babsiie:
hi, wanted to say i think your dreadlocks look really cool.i saw that you make your own beads with polymer clay, and wanted to pick your brain a bit if you don't mind.. do you use a mold? and how would you get the hole in the middle? anyhoo.. sounds cool that you do it yourself, then you don't have to worry about anyone else having the same bead.. ha ha!okay, thanks!

anthony malette aka TMan
04/13/10 04:58:26AM @devin3:
thnks 4 da approval..ur dreads really amazing..

sabrina redmon
04/10/10 03:00:41PM @dorothy-campbell:
thanks for the friendship, beautiful dreadies girl!

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