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So far- Spring is almost here!

By Bass Clef, 2013-03-09

Today after showering, wax is 99.5% gone.(2 weeks in) Lots of loose hair, looks like the backcombing is mostly coming out but I have some dreads that are still holding on and staying grouped. I have had to put my hair under a beanie for work a few times because the bumps were just out of control. I looked like I literally rolled right out of bed haha. I love the days when I'm at home working on music or like today working on my bike, I don't even have to care. I think out riding today the wind did my dreads some good they ended up looking like this.

Thus far I am pretty careless in what happens with the dreads here on out. I've pretty much learned that everything the wise ones said on here would happen, and it has. So I'm just going to take SE and others advice and let the hair do its thing.

My friend, and bandmate Mo and I out riding our bikes today, warm weather is so much fun!

Take care everyone! Peace and love.

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