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baby britt


Location: Chesapeake, VA
Zipcode: 23321
Country: US


youtube videos: 4
images: 94
audio tracks: 7

my natural dreadies at four months

not the best video, but it shows some progress
Heathen Hippie )O(
10/08/11 06:43:04PM @heathen-hippie-o:

Very awesome!

baby britt
09/21/11 10:39:24PM @baby-britt:

thanks so much guys. LOVE!!!

Kelsey Joy
09/18/11 01:07:19PM @kelsey-joy:

there looking awesome for 4 months!!! :)

09/17/11 04:24:35PM @elaureng:

Your hair is awesome! You can totally tell that you have "dreadlocks" even at only four months, that's fantastic! I'm at 3.5 months and it's still pretty questionable what's going on in there right now... Anyways, congratulations on your progress!

baby britt
09/17/11 12:27:36PM @baby-britt:

thank you guys =)

heather, i wash it about once a week with dr. bronner's lavender & hemp. yesterday i did an acv rinse for the first time and my hair is like way less frizzy today =D sometimes i use a salt spray, but only like two or three times.

09/16/11 11:08:45PM @treeofdread:

These are rad!

09/16/11 05:20:01PM @heather:

LOVE your dreadies! you have soooo much hair. i have a hard enough time keep my thin, stringy hair separated. i'm almost a year and i don't have this much progress:( not sure if i've asked you before but whats your washing routine?

Patty Haynes
09/16/11 03:46:43PM @patty-haynes:
love ur hair, your progress is wonderful...I love your smile at the end so cute.

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