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Baba Fats
08/22/12 07:48:51AM @baba-fats:

I actually started taking Biotin andcollagenrecently to try and bolster my hair growth. It's worked pretty well. You could give either one a shot. The collagen is pretty gross, just so you know

Little Wing
08/22/12 03:59:17AM @little-wing:

Oh god. The more I watch this videos I feel I really screwed it up. Had the idea there is no place for connecting hairs, so this month I took almost one day in separating all my dreads and all of them are really separated!, so you can see the division between dreads (not from distance, just when you open them).

I'm on my fifth month and with lots of fly aways (and some dreadlocks are tight enough so I don't see probable that loose hair would join them). I'm gonna leave my hair alone for a quite long time to see what happens :/

Baba Fats
08/16/12 12:40:59AM @baba-fats:

If you wash 3 times a week, separate once a week. If you need to separate more, you'll know. If you lift one lock and it comes up by itself, but the root lifts another, it's fine. if you life one lock and another come up right next to it, they need separating.

If your roots are extra knotty after washing, that's a good thing. Let it ride

08/16/12 12:36:58AM @heather:

now i feel stupid for doing so much separating. i saw a video once where a girl was showing off her natural dreads and the roots were all webbed together. she would lift up one dread and all her dreads would move. it freaked me out. the thing is she probably never did any separating. ever. i got it in my head that that would somehow happen over night so i separate after each wash. now i see that i probably don't need to do that since my hair isn't really clingy. so if the roots feel extra knotty after washing should i leave it alone?

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