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Baba Fats


Location: Philly, Pa
Country: US

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Untitled (need your help)

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Baba Fats
04/16/12 05:12:30PM @baba-fats:

I've only written 3 songs on my uke. Most of my others are on the bass. And, even then, only one of them has a title: "Karmic Arguments". That one's completely instrumental and is about 12 minutes long. This one could jam out forever too, but It would need some lyrics to solidify it

Baba Fats
04/16/12 04:32:55PM @baba-fats:

That's the thing. I was thinking about jam bands. And too many of my songs are titled "Jam # X". Plus I've never been able to write lyrics. And this is one song I think really needs something

Nathan Hammond
04/16/12 10:55:40AM @nathan-hammond:

Sounds good man!!! Its your song call it whatever you were doing or how you were feeling when you wrote it...

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