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Crisis mode... need help!

By: Australe
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So I'm less than a month away from my one year anniversary of starting my dreads. I'm in a bit of a crisis right now. I want to cut my hair. I miss feeling a brush going through my hair, being able to run my hands through my hair. My dreads are locking up really well, almost a little too well. Some of them are going really crazy... actually MOST of them are going really crazy. More so than I really want them to. I wish I had made smaller sections so as they sucked up and got crazy loopy they wouldn't be as thick as they are. I'm seriously debating cutting all my hair off and starting to regrow my hair with the intention of starting again when its a little bit longer.
I started my hair with T&R, followed by neglect. I feel like they've become part of who I am. But now I'm also working out in the real world again, a small mom and pop's computer shop. I deal with a lot of older customers and often times wonder if they don't think less of me because of how I look. I know it shouldn't bother me but it somewhat does. I didn't realize how well my hair would take to dreadlocks, really didn't want them to get as crazy as they are.
I don't know what to do, this has been a daily thought now for about the last week. Part of me loves my hair, the other part hates it. I don't regret doing it and it seems like a shame to throw in the towel at almost a year. What to do.... what to do...

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