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Austin Coton


Location: Tampa, FL
Zipcode: 33614
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/08/11 12:46:29PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome so how r u thinking of starting?

Cleo Rose-Nash
06/05/10 11:05:53PM @danielle-cacioppo:
Ooh Ilovethem (:It's kinda cool to be different.I'm worried about getting a job but I'm hoping the reason they turn me down (if they do) will be for anything but my hair.

Cleo Rose-Nash
06/04/10 11:10:04PM @danielle-cacioppo:
I tear and ripped mine & I backcombed them (:There nice and tight :D

Cleo Rose-Nash
06/04/10 12:37:38PM @danielle-cacioppo:
Heyy, No problemo (:How are you liken your dreads.?I just started mine about a week ago.

05/21/10 06:56:00PM @jameela-bailey:
gauge is great hes gonna be two in june thnx for asking. his dreads are coming along awesomely

Edwin Rivera
05/19/10 04:50:30PM @untouchable-diva:
hm.. sounds pretty fun!! Too bad though.. that link didn't work! :(

05/17/10 09:02:20PM @judy-nesbit:
I wish I lived in Cali :|You guys get all the ocean & all the sun. Great riding areas, too.

05/16/10 11:28:25PM @judy-nesbit:
It's almost 40", and about 10" wide. Pretty massive for a small girl like myself but it cruises around great! Still getting used to the ride with this one though, the one I used before was a mini- DH board, basically some massive concave action giving it a 'snowboarding' feel. This one is completely flat and has some flexibility that the other one did not, a completely different world to get used to!

05/16/10 10:20:22PM @judy-nesbit:
Thanks for the picture comment, it definitely IS beautiful! :D

04/06/10 09:16:28PM @robert4:
o thanks, nice dreads have a beauitful day :)

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