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Ati Kohunui


Location: Eastern bay of plenty whakatane
Country: NZ


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Dio - Rainbow In The Dark(1)

Dio - Rainbow In The Dark(1)

7 years ago - Comments: 0
Don't Talk to Strangers

Don't Talk to Strangers

7 years ago - Comments: 0
Holy Diver

Holy Diver

7 years ago - Comments: 0

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Ma latest photos
Waitangi 047
Ma Maunga mountain Taiarahia
Ma front yard in ma Hometown
Ma bak yard in ma home ground
Waitangi day
Waitangi 057
Waitangi 060
Waitangi 060
Ko Tuhoe
Ko Tuhoe


03/10/11 08:00:59AM @alycat:

Gee Chin
02/21/11 07:46:42AM @gee-chin:
Hello thank you very much for the kind comments. It's nice to know of all the like minded dreads, it shows were all one where ever we are in the world :) Much love and keep those babies neutred a hat is deffo the way for matting your locks. Peace and Love chat soon, have a good day to you.

Gee Chin
02/19/11 06:21:26AM @gee-chin:
Love your views on dreads and that it is how it should be, Au Naturel :)

Kingston Leblon
02/17/11 04:54:34PM @kingston-leblon:

All right muy brother !

You are well come in muy "FRIEND'S GALLERY!

I hope a day to go to the New Zeland , and know you personal .


Kingston Leblon
02/16/11 10:01:24AM @kingston-leblon:

Hi brother !

How do you do muy brother !

I sent for you some invitation , for we come be friends .


Kiwi Chick
02/15/11 09:37:00PM @kiwi-chick:
hey bro, me from southauckland good to know there someone else from NZ... :)

02/11/11 11:46:55AM @alycat:

Blessings & Respect Ati*

Thanks for the add & the Comment on my page......

Hope ya week is Stress Free & Full of love....



02/07/11 03:19:00PM @ocallaghan:
Yeah I've done a bit of research on the cut and tapping methods and what tattoos mean to different cultures, I love the work you have on your face! I know of a couple people who do them traditional, they show at tattoo conventions when they come through, it looks intense!!! I'm from Canada, was born in Quebec :) And my internet and cell phone were disconnected a couple months ago otherwise I'd post new pics of my dreads, but they're coming along nice! How have you been, my friend?

Christina Love
02/04/11 03:42:36AM @christina-love:
Hiii Ati!!I've been 5 mths in now & loving it!How are you my friend?

Trina Sandress
02/03/11 10:22:51PM @trina-sandress:

Thank you for the comment.

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