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Arturis Static


Location: Houston, TX
Zipcode: 77066
Country: US


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Miami,Florida_Summer 09


02/18/11 12:49:56PM @ben:
Definitly! took it during my american trip' hehe, Grand Canyon is very impressive and...warm ^^

G.l. Natty Dreads Santiago
12/13/10 02:50:30AM @gl-natty-dreads-santiago:

bless!! bro!!!

12/10/10 11:05:37AM @ocallaghan:

Hello! You've got some gorgeous locks! Can't wait til mine look that nice!

Dave Holloway
12/08/10 06:38:48PM @dave-holloway:
I found them in a local button shop, they sell nothing but buttons and beads, but im sure beads with wholes like that can be found on the web somewhere, thanx for the comments dude ;)

Sara Meadows
11/10/10 08:18:03AM @sara-meadows:
hi! thank you :) you've got a pretty awesome head of dreads yourself

Conner Hannon
10/11/10 11:48:39AM @conner-hannon:
Dude thats awesome!. Static x is an amazing band. I saw them back in 08 at Ozzfest. Yea I backcombed my dreads. They are in the frizzy as hell stage right now but thats cool. Yours look sick man. You had them for 8 years? How long were they when you started?

Michelle Nicole
09/22/10 04:53:08PM @michelle-nicole:
i interlocked my dreads with a crochet needle... and just twisting and washing them regularly

Jessica Arnold
07/22/10 01:36:14PM @jessica-arnold:
Thank you! Love your dreads! :)

Lonnie Berg
04/25/10 11:37:37PM @lonnie-berg:
Welcome to the phamily my brother, hope we'll be seeing ya round often. Peace....namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/25/10 07:24:08PM @soaring-eagle:
oh and let me say thank you for being open minded alot of wax users dont like even considering the fact that wax was a mistake. but if you do the wax removal posted here (top of main page theres links) i think you'll see how much better your dreads are after removing wax

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