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Angelina Aurelia*~*


Location: Granite Bay, CA
Zipcode: 95746
Country: US


youtube videos: 2
images: 78
audio tracks: 13
videos: 4

one year old dreadies

Castaway J
10/20/11 02:26:43PM @castaway-j:

haha absolutely awesome and on point. love your dreadies to they look amazing.

Amanda Jean Walrod
10/20/11 02:17:19PM @amanda-jean-walrod:

wwhat method did you use?

10/20/11 01:49:06PM @bigbuttannie:

man love your dreads crazy beautiful!

Brandy :]
09/27/11 11:27:14AM @brandy:

your dreads are beautiful! your like a lion :) dont even let those people get to you, if you take it in stride and smile it away their ignorance only makes you stronger and your dreadshealthier:) hope your doing good man.

09/23/11 08:52:16PM @treeofdread:

Sweet, you let your "dreads bang" and make baby dreads lol.Keep on dreadinand F all the haters!

09/22/11 11:09:48PM @heather:

your hair is awesome! don't worry sweetie. people are just jealous of your beautiful locks:)

Angelina Aurelia*~*
09/22/11 02:13:29PM @angelina-aurelia:
im such a valley girl hahah

09/22/11 12:27:29AM @foxpaw:

YOU are a bad ass, your hair is awesome (:

Angelina Aurelia*~*
09/21/11 11:11:48PM @angelina-aurelia:
by the way soaring eagle YOU SIR ARE A BAD ASS :) sorry for my language :)

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