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Angelina Aurelia*~*


Location: Granite Bay, CA
Zipcode: 95746
Country: US


youtube videos: 2
images: 78
audio tracks: 13
videos: 4

dread hair styles

streams: 7
video file: 23.6MB, 00:05:13

Electric Mama
06/06/11 11:29:17PM @electric-mama:
Oh, and with the bangs down!

Electric Mama
06/06/11 11:28:45PM @electric-mama:
For job interviews I always wear my dreads in a very need bun with a nice scarf over the front of them. I have gotten the job! lol

eric mcanallen
03/08/11 02:07:16AM @eric-mcanallen:
do the sexy dreaded cow girl

Mark Fry
03/07/11 05:08:41AM @mark-fry:
Agreed SE. You are gorgeous Angelina. Your dreads are amaing. I just posted my Why I Have Dreadlocks video on YouTube. Hope everyone gets in and does it. We all need to promote the good words of

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/03/11 07:16:00PM @soaring-eagle:
why do both of the vids end lil prematurely thats weirds but ya are so cute and your styles are adorable

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