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Angel Kandy Flores


Location: Compton, CA
Zipcode: 90221
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/08/12 02:32:27PM @soaring-eagle:

theres no way to not rip hairs its impossible and once u start u should do nothing at all nothing leave them alone let them dread your not helping the process your interfering

stop doing anythungto them

wash and seperate nothing else

they must be left alone to dread right

all your doing now is repairing the damage tour causing while causing mopre damage

just stop

Baba Fats
11/06/12 07:36:25PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. But Eagle's right. Crochet hooks are sold at art supply stores and not salons for a reason. They aren't meant to be used on your hair. They do only damage and nothing to promote locking. What they do do is break your hair into smaller and smaller pieces so that the tips of your locks are no longer attached to your scalp/ They are attached to other broken hair, which are attached to other and others and others until finally a few more broken hairs are attacked to your scalp. This makes your locks extremely weak an prone to snapping in places.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/06/12 02:52:55PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but got to warn u crochets extremely bad for dreads it does extreme damage and delays progress by 6 months (if done onde only) to well over a year afgter u dstop crochetting

its just a horible thing to do to dreads

10/11/13 07:27:47PM @fourwindsinvoker:

Hey Laura...thanks for your message. Yea....I was a bit taken aback by the reply I Nothing like being condescending and alienating people right off the bat, right? But I did receive a couple of helpful and friendly comments, and I really appreciated that. Thanks for checking in with me...I wondered whether or not I was in the right place at first :)

Eric Blaine Finley
04/21/13 10:42:41PM @eric-blaine-finley:

That sucks about clay not being able to get wet! I had no idea that it did that when it got wet, good to know now though! =] I saw that you are in a group about paganism and wicca. I found this ring of mine and I thought you might like it for a trade =] I will attach it here if I can figure out how haha. I really like the green dread rock you posted a photo of. The olive green one that is sort of long and thin =]

I had to move from Michigan because my husband is in the Marine Corps and we got stationed in north carolina =[

Eric Blaine Finley
04/20/13 10:39:10AM @eric-blaine-finley:

I love Grand Rapids! I remember I would always switch buses there when I would be heading down to Northern Indiana to see my mom. I miss everything about Michigan so much. I have been back every since I have moved except this year yet obviously. I am planning on heading back in March 2014 when we get our taxes back. Are you the girl that was trading dread beads for other trinkets? I found two little things that I would love to trade!

Eric Blaine Finley
04/19/13 07:27:03PM @eric-blaine-finley:

Oh my god you are from traverse city!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw that! I am from Interlochen, my dad is a security guard at the school there! I used to work at Hot Topic in the mall and I worked at Great Wolf lodge too before I got married! I miss home so much! Do you have tumblr? Facebook?

And thank you, I love my user name! I use it for everything and have for about two years now =]

wyatt walker
04/14/13 09:03:11PM @wyatt-walker:

hi an thanks for the comment hun about me dreading my baby son. i did decide to dread him and thanks for ur conserns an opinions hun:D if my levi son wants to get rid of his locks at any point ill just cut his hair off hes a lil boy afterall an it be his choice soo :D but startig them now while soo young hell have ful matured long dreads even before statrs school soo we will just seee how it goes i have a feeling be wwonderful tho :D peac an luv b with u dear

12/17/12 07:24:16AM @darkstar:

Good call putting the Birthday Massacre on.

11/22/12 09:45:21PM @darkstar:


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