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Amy Lee2


Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Zipcode: 73110
Country: US


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well theres another way to ruin your dreads...

Amy Lee2
12/26/11 10:33:22AM @amy-lee2:

ah. i dont think i watched the actual video : /

Amy Lee2
12/20/11 10:27:37PM @amy-lee2:

it doesnt make sense. she was probably just desperately trying to feed her family. there are times i bitch about living in the US, but this isnt one of them.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/20/11 08:58:34PM @soaring-eagle:

poor girls only 23 and she can be put to death for just 100 dollars?

that makes no sense

12/20/11 06:54:24PM @deeman:
Ditto... Bad dandruff problem here...

Angel Frye
12/20/11 04:57:21PM @angel-frye:

Yeah, definitely make sure you're dandruff free before flying!! Yeesh.

12/20/11 04:27:22PM @foxpaw:
Wow were all in for a treat at the airport now

Castaway J
12/20/11 03:58:46PM @castaway-j:

i think the ones contained the blo were fake and attatched, they didnt look real at all. either way for 1200 shes nuts dumb or desperate or all three.

Amy Lee2
12/20/11 03:52:50PM @amy-lee2:

haha! could be! did you see all of her dreads just layin there on the table!? made me cringe! they cut all of her hair off!

12/20/11 03:40:25PM @deeman:
That would explain why the airport guards in Poland were looking strange at me...

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