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Country: US


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10/23/12 03:51:45AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Feel free to sing along

Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea... LOL! Love it :)

02/22/13 09:07:56PM @amethyst777
Commented on: new site addition ideas (want input plz)

Great ideas.. Let me think on it some :) You're so awesome SE!

03/23/13 05:49:07AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Why did you become a vegetarian?

I've been following along on some of the vegetarian posts... I've ALWAYS been a meat eater, and have always disagreed with some of things pointed out here. Now before you guys have a fit... I don't want to be preached at about it.

I see where you guys are saying how much better you feel. Well, I haven't felt well for a number of years and would like to give it a try and see if I feel better and have more energy. The thing is, I don't have much money and everybody here eats meat... So m question is, can you give me some ideas,recipes, suggestions? I plan to commit to this for a couple of weeks and just see how it goes. I can tell you now, I can't give up dairy or eggs.. .I drink more milk than a new born. In fact I could probably survive off just milk alone....

Also, fish... fishing is a huge pastime in my family and something my kids and I do all summer long. I have to have fishoccasionally. I'm not gonna do very well... sigh....

Anyhow, no preaching just suggestions... I'd really appreciate it :)

06/18/13 10:52:48PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Jackie Turner

That's cool.. Love the treble clef.. Mind if I ask what kind of wire you're using?

06/09/13 02:03:47AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Gilly's Mum

Happy Birthday sweetheart! :) Awesome dreads!

05/22/13 01:16:25AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Keith Olsen

This made me giggle and it was right on time. I really needed a little laugh at the moment! Great looking dreads, both of you ;)

04/07/13 12:17:56AM @amethyst777
Commented on: MoorZ

Nice! they look very mature for 2 months!

04/03/13 01:32:24PM @amethyst777
Commented on: treeofdread


03/08/13 02:41:34AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Muchquashim

You're a cutie.. dreads really suit you. I love the owl on your necklace! :)

03/03/13 05:31:54PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Anna Welcher

Dreads look great but it was your eyes that stopped me cold! Beautiful eyes! :)