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Location: Denton
Country: US


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06/18/13 10:56:35PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Jackie Turner

Pretty... Love the flowers :)
Be prepared for shrinkage. My hair was past the middle of my back and some of it is even shorter that some of yours now... Not particularly happy about that, but hanging in there and actually enjoying the ride!

09/26/12 08:01:53PM @amethyst777
Commented on: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ

I love that bead :)

06/17/13 08:23:39PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Dreadlock woman found in a 1 5 billion year old spaceship | Black People Meet | African Americans | Destee

Of course Aliens have dreadlocks!! Haven't you seen "Independance Day" and "Predator"? ;)

06/14/13 10:53:01PM @amethyst777
Commented on: How to Get Awesome Bob Marley Dreadlocks Natural and Free

Beautiful locks! Beautiful lady! Keep making vids this one was great! Feel free to friend me if you'd like, I need all the good, sweet, friends I can get :)

03/06/13 07:08:57PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Separating Extremely Congod Dreadlocks Tutorial..Maybe

Love all your loops and stuff! Mine is looping like crazy too! :) I'm working on one that I think is actually 3 dreads. It's driving me crazy....

01/07/13 04:07:03PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Kickass Riffs !

Cool.. You got some great harmonics coming out of those pick-ups! :) Rock on Brother!

01/07/13 04:09:19PM @amethyst777
Commented on: River Blues D minor Backing track

Bad ass! How long you been playing?

10/07/12 07:10:52PM @amethyst777
Commented on: Apology From The Heart

It sometimes takes a lot of courage and a big person to say "I'm sorry". I don't know the story, but I think you are a good person for doing this ... take care and I hope it all works out.

04/07/13 12:07:07AM @amethyst777
Commented on: lil over two months!

Cool! I'm at 5 months and mine are only very slightly more mature than yours and look verysimilar, except my hair is dark brown :) I have lots of crazy loops like yours. The main difference is that I'm at a point where I'm getting lots of shrinkage. Just be prepared for that. My hair was past the middle of my back and some dreads are now barely at my shoulders! I'm loving every minute of it, but If I didn't know to expect them to shrink, I'd be freaking out about it a little bit!
Loved the vid.. keep us updated! :)

09/30/12 02:13:35AM @amethyst777
Commented on: Roadhouse Blues

That was cool! :) Some talented folks there!