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Dreadlock Shampoo :)

By: amethyst777
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I just wanted to make a post about theDreadlock Shampoo. We've hurt for money lately with having our nephew come to live with us, so this was kind of an extravagant thing for me to do, ordering the shampoo and the pinkHimalayan sea salt accelerator spray, but considering I've used nothing but BS/ACV for several months now, I didn't feel TOO guilty about it (my shampoo bill has gone to almost nothing). Anyhow, guilt aside, I ordered :).

First of all, it was here within 3 days!!! Wow! I've never gotten anything I've ordered from anywhere so fast.

Second, the smell is heavenly! I ordered the Dragons Blood scent. It smells so good in fact, that when I was out and about running some errands, TWICE I had people in line next to me say I smelled really good! I haven't even gotten that with expensive perfume that I allow myself about every 2 years and only wear for specialoccasions(for me expensive perfume is about $60 lol). When I told them it was actually my hair, they were amazed that a shampoo smelled so good and put out so much fragrance. Then we had the obligatory conversation about how I'm starting natural dreadlocks. Of course, since I smelled great, there was no conversation about if they were clean or not. They also liked my little beads and crystals I had put in :). I washed my hair night before last and I can still smell the shampoo just as good as the day I washed. I haven't had any essential oils to add to my BS/ACV wash, so the scent is a big deal for me. While the BS/ACV did a great job of getting my hair clean and keeping it healthy and, I've really missed having scent and bubbles.

Third, since my babies were only born on Halloween (not intentional, but cool I thought) and are still very young, I don't do a lot of scrubbing, I found with the liquid, I didn't really have to scrub. Just lighting rubbing my scalp and then letting the rest wash through the rest of my hair was sufficient. My hair felt lighter and cleaner than it has since I started my journey. Can you guys tell I'm completely SOLD on this stuff?

Last of all, what I didn't expect was how much it seems to be helping the dreading process. Here's a pic I took to show a friend my wraps and crystal. It looks like it's in some kind of weird twist doo, but I actually just had the sides pulled back and tied together, I guess it's just the angle. You can see it'sseparatingand has a few loops and stuff going on. I took this about a week ago.

Then today I took this pic. I only got a few loops in the pic and I'll try to get my partner to take a full pic when she gets home. I tried, but couldn't do a decent one of the full back by myself. My entire head is full of loops and new baby dreads starting.

This is also "bed head" and for some reason it looks oily to me in the pic, but I promise it's not at all, maybe just the light, bu t shows the loops good. Every single dread has loops like that!!! It's completely changed the texture of my hair, in an awesome way!

I don't ever do reviews, but I couldn't pass this one up. To be honest, when I ordered I thought, meh... it prob'ly smells good, and I was excited to get it, but it exceeded all my expectations.

To make an honest review, the ONLY negative I could possibly come up with, is that I wish it was a bigger bottle :) It's a bit expensive, but with this one, you definitely get what you pay for! I think it will last a while. I started washing everyday (before dreads), then when to about 3 times a week, then 2 times a week, and I plan now to start washing only once a week. Not to save the shampoo, it just seems that's all it needs now.

I'll still likely use the BS/ACVoccasionally since it seems to strip everything and deep clean, not that this shampoo doesn't, I've always found it's good to change things upoccasionally (it's like my hair gets immune to shampoos after a few washings).

I haven't tried the PinkHimalayan sea salt accelerator yet, but my understanding is that you shouldn't leave it on but a few hours before washing. So I'll use it on the day I wash my hair this week, and definitely let you guys know how it goes. I did spray some on my fingers to feel and smell. It has kind of a light flowery scent (I think SE said it smells like old lady perfume, it kinda does, but not a bad smell at all). It felt a little conditioning, but didn't seem heavy. I'll let ya know :)

I hope this helps some of you decide whether to try it or not, and know that I don't get anything for this review. I did it because it's really just that good.

Blessings to you all!

02/20/13 06:24:33PM @mons:
Dragon's Blood is now my all time absolute favorite scent, with Nag Champa a close second. I actually have a bar of dragon's blood soap sitting next to my bed lol now that I'm finally getting my sense of smell back, I catch whiffs of it now and then.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/13 05:28:54PM @soaring-eagle:

keep using it next 2 weeks and update this u may see more progressin 2 weeks then in manmy months

02/20/13 05:22:21PM @amethyst777:

Yeah SE... I sprayed it in and was gonna take a bath while the baby was sleeping, but it feels so good and seem to really be working, I've decided to let it stay in until the baby goes to bed to night before I wash it :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/20/13 05:06:34PM @soaring-eagle:

excelent review and i was amazed by the pink sea salt too the combo of horstail proteins and oils with the sea salt seem to make it safe to leave oin but experiment for yourself and see

i left it on for days with nothing but good results..

02/20/13 04:55:02PM @amethyst777:

I may actually pour it into a different spray bottle that doesn't deliver such a fine mist. :)

02/20/13 04:53:15PM @amethyst777:

Ok, so I tried the PinkHimalayan sea salt accelerator. It smells pleasant and the texture it left my hair is amazing and seems just right for forming tangles :) Great stuff!
I do want to offer one thing, and I don't want it taken as negative in anyway. I have asthma and the spray is a very fine mist. As I was spraying, I breathed in some (accidently), I could definitely taste the salt. BUT.... it did cause me a mild asthma attack :( . I will continue to use it, but I'll be very careful not to breath any in. So if you have asthma or are sensitive to stuff like that, hold the bottle close to your head as you spray to keep the mist in your hair and not so much in the air, or just hold your breath.
Again, nothing negative to say... just don't want anybody else that's sensitive like I am to have an attack. :) It's great stuff!

02/20/13 04:48:39PM @amethyst777:

Sarah, you're the 2nd person that has mentioned the Nag Champa. I think I'll try it next.
Barrellady, thanks! The loops are so cool to watch :)

02/20/13 07:19:14AM @sarah6:
I love the Nag Champa :)

the Barrellady
02/18/13 06:09:45PM @the-barrellady:

I hear so many good things about Vikki's products, for my 1st dread birthday I will treat myself to some. Thanks, I will try the Dragon's Blood. Your loops are going great!

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