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After the weekend

By amanda5, 2012-03-26

This is my first blog ever :). but i've wanted to start one for al ong time so here goes.

After the weekend: lots of my closest people are always asking when i'm going to cut my dreads off. Geeze like they havn't gotten the idea of individuality yet and are still trying to get me to conform. But. i have to say the weekend was good for my self image, small town party bar hosted a male stripper night with standing room only and ladies from every small town around it was fun, and packed with girls who as everyone knows can be the worst haters, but it was all around good fun :).i guess because the girls were moslty people i hand't met, yet it was still small town atmopshere i got ALOT of commentary on my hair. all surprisingly, but welcomed verynice :).Had to stay home alone at the end of the night, i was onsuch a high since losing the bowling tournament probably because of too many beers, lol, right up until i got home and had to crawl into bed by myself for the first time since, gosh, i don't even know probably march 2011. no sweet pea in the next room, grandma and grandpa were babysitting. hubby is up north working for 6 more weeks (i miss you babe). cold bed, cold blankets, i was at an all time low for a few hours there i guess my heart was cold too. finally fell asleep and dreamed a little dream about friends and good places ;) sunday flew by with visiting like usual. and here we are, sitting out of monday night bowling because i'm still whooped from the weekend. Thank you. goodnight.

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