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Beads and wraps?

By: Amanda12
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I really want to put a few things in my hair so when I get the urge to run my fingers through it I will stop because I cant. Is it bad for my hair? Will it dread faster? Will it be more damaging. Keep in mind I havent even made it to a week! I have no real dreads... just tangles.

Also a husband update :)
not only does he tell me I am beautiful 10x more often after I told him I quit brushing, he is getting in to the idea. He told me that in 5 years(when the military has no say in his hair choices) he wants to grow his hair out and also have dreads. He kept talking and asking questions and he seems so very excited! tah dah!
not so "gay" now are they! :D I didn't tell him that I would think it would look really great on him cause I want it to be up to him but between us I think it'll be awesome!

now I need to figure out how to post a pic in this blog so you guys can see how nice his hair was in High School... I <3 hair. I cant figure it out. If you wanna see him check out my photos on my profile. comment if you know how to post a pic in a blog :)

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