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Amanda Pillow


Location: Palm Bay, FL
Zipcode: 32907
Country: US


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02/18/11 10:35:19AM @crunchymama:

welcome to the forums! Saw your intro post on dreadie mamas and thought I'd pop over and say hello.

I'd love to see some pictures of your sewing, do you sell dresses online?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/13/11 11:27:24PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and good choice on trying tnr withiut wax wax does suck

05/14/12 12:58:21AM @sarah7:

I know what you mean *sigh* in my case though, I've been living off of financial aid and that just doesn't cut it (no other income in this life-o-mine) and it's so hard to get started looking for work when his school schedule is so weird (Wednesday is a half day for him.)

Anyhoo, yeah, 1 month as of this past Friday. Their looking kind of scary right now but in a good way. :) Thankfully I have natural wave which I think is helping them along nicely.

Amanda Pillow
05/13/12 06:06:34PM @amanda-pillow:
I'm so happy and free to be me. I love my locks. Big thanx to everyone with their helpful advice. And good luck in your own journeys.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/12/12 10:58:18PM @soaring-eagle:
Yea isn't it nice to just. Sit back and watch it happen?

05/09/12 08:58:00PM @sarah7:

Oooh, I need to find a job soonish but I would love to just stay home with my man-cub. Things are going okay, gearing up for the end of the semester of school and I've been putting off the transfer because I am burned out a bit and feeling a little unsure about my current goals. Lol! But this too shall pass. :P

The hair is going crazy but I love it (1 month this Friday.)

05/03/12 01:23:59AM @sarah7:

Hi Arielle! Just popping over to see how you are doing? Anything new and exciting?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/26/12 10:48:26PM @soaring-eagle:

im so glad :) alot of ppl find us thatway tho i suspect about 1/2 ignore the good advice

glad you didnt

and now several months later the roots tightened themselves right up huh

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/12 11:40:57PM @soaring-eagle:

african hair can be druy and brittle bleached hair can be too africajn hair often is twisted till it snaps off or interlocked caucasian hair the oils move down the hair nmaking it slip out of knots drying it somewhat with sea salt makes it tighten faster and retain knots..tho it can be over done so u want to only do it ocasionaly and not leave it in long once they are tight then u can condition more often..but african hair needs moisturizing almost constantly because the oils dont move down the hair thats whyt they use gells and oils and shae far more often earkly on

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/22/12 01:08:04AM @soaring-eagle:

thought i replied already ty vinager or the bars u want the hair kinda dry the 1st several months only use alow]e sparingly or jojoba but only if u really must till thety ar a year old

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