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amanda lee wells


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should i stay? or go aventure? i think anyone would enjoy reading this...

By: amanda lee wells
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ok so i need some advice from anyone on here!

im 17 years old and iv already lived on my own twice.

when i was 16 i ran away and hitch hiked to denver colorado by myself. with no phone. no money nothn.

and lived perfectly fine. and i had the time of my life for the 5 months i lived there for.

but stuff happened. and i came home...

as of right now i am going to school and wash dish's at a local restarunt in wyoming... but starting trainting to be a cook at a way nice restaurant in 2 weeks!

i am a very adventures person and do what i want ushally, and know right from wrong, and how to say yes and no, i feel iunderstand life better than most people that have been living it for 40 years!

but i live under my brain washed, christain, un happy parents home again.

i am on unsupervised probation, and i get off in a month... this is the 3rd time iv been on probation too lol i love my maryjane, and other nateral drugs that open my mind more and more everytime yea no?

my plan is to go live in a lil hippy town in california.

hope fully meet a legit guy, and jus live a chill life. iv been single for over a year and a half lol

but heres were i need to make a big decison...

my good friend paul iv known this kid ever since i lived in this town that i do now.

hes my homeboy for sure, and we have always talked about leavin together.

he is leaving 2MORO to salt lake city.

and wants me to go with him. thats were his mom lives

so i can leave my senior year, and my job, and family and friends and shit to go wander around. and do my thing. i love meeting new people and big citys are really fun to me. as of right now this town iv lived in for like 7 years is like 10,000 and i know everyone. there is noone like me here. bitchs are crazy and alot of the dudes are dumb as hell. but dont get me wrong i know alot of real, legit people. but same ol thing all the time is not who i am.

i think this world we live on is ending soon! because of all the shit thats been going on. well honestly i could type about forever why i think this planet is fucked. but im not goin too lol

i am also a very anarchist, fuck the government. and ppl makin laws. and tellin me wat to do and stuff like that. i jus wanna go live in the woods for all i really care.

so should i stay and falllow what everyone wants, graduate high school? and keep my job makin money and shit?

or should i go be free?? and travel around and liven my life glourious

ahhhh i havve less than 24 hours to make up my mind. i might jus stick it out here till im 18 and get my shit done then go live the way i want. but its so fucking hard man! i love the thrill of change. so i got sumthinkin to do, oh yea haha i LOVE my dreads! and dont give a shit about when ppl hate on me for them, i have never ever dyed my hair, and now my hair is jus super clean, and my locks are gettin better everyday. their a lil over 2 months. but i think they look pretty sick. i dont wear makeup ever or anythin like that, i am a very straight fwrd chick, and this kid i would be livin with skateboards , jus like me. and i bmx and snowboard and all tha shit. the mountains are my back yard and i love it.

so california or origan is were me and him will go after kickin it in slat lake for awhile. ha wow i cant belive i jus wrote all this out to people i dont even know will be reading this but hit me up i wanna no if anyone else knows wat im sayin!!

lol later guys

amanda lee wells
11/14/11 02:34:59PM @amanda-lee-wells:

yea i belive it, i love goin to raves tho, i guess cause im younger and stuff, electronic music tho seems to in a way taking over, everyone listins to it now, just another 21st century crazy thing ya no? but now that iv watched that video iv been doing more reasarch on the rainbow family, i defaintly want to be apart of it, and expeirence for myself how incredible it would be. were is the one thats happining in july? and do ushally when everyone packs up and leaves, they just go somewere else and pretty much do the same thing ? or wat?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/14/11 12:18:22AM @soaring-eagle:

cool way diferent experience then raves ..raves just give me a pounding headache i will never go to one again!

amanda lee wells
11/14/11 12:11:24AM @amanda-lee-wells:

thanks for showin me this! i would love love love to attend!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/10/11 04:33:25PM @soaring-eagle:

raves are not the same!

but gatherings are ..always

the big 1 (40,000 ppl) is in july

but theres small ones all over the workld all the time theres really always 1 somewhere

usualy a couple at a time globaly

amanda lee wells
11/10/11 04:14:32PM @amanda-lee-wells:

yea true that SE im going to a huge rave on my 18th birth day, maybe ill find some legit people there. if not when is this rainbow gathering happining? i love festivals and such, but honestly living in a dumpster and doing herion and all that other stuff, isnt a option for me, and never will be.

11/09/11 05:39:40PM @jess2:

I know exactly what you mean about the world I feel like in the past few years there has been so much crazy stuff going on and people just dont care and take everything we have for granted and dont try to preserve it. Eventually its going to bite them all in the ass and it's not going to be here anymore.

About your travelling though, finish school and the world is your oyster. where you want. Do what you want. And SE is right about the gatherings I cant wait to go to a few of them would be amazing!

11/09/11 04:55:11PM @exalthimx7:

That's a perfect solution, SE']

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/09/11 02:59:24PM @soaring-eagle:

cali is hideosly expensivbe the average teen that runs away for the cali drea=m now lives behind a dumpster addicted to heroin thats the reality of running away to cali

hell go look behind any dumpster in cali and u will find some kid livin there that ran away (especialy in san fran)

stick around go to a garthering this summer (kentuky/tennasee) travel around with rainbows from all over you'll be safer and have an amazing time

travelin alone stuff happens" as u found out in 4 short months travelin can be wonderful or dangerouse but its extea dangeroue for a young girkl on her own

better to stick out school take the summer off hit a few fgatherings /9do not miss the national!) meet some traveling partners maybe hiok up with a kitchen or bus to travel with and do it safely with good ppl to take care of eachother

11/09/11 08:59:28AM @exalthimx7:

time will fly'] xo

amanda lee wells
11/09/11 12:12:43AM @amanda-lee-wells:

yea i stayed lol but yea for sure i hope the life i seek out will be as i imagine it to be, pretty sure it will tho haha but thanks guys idk i was sittin in school and that was all i could think bout.. but thanks again guys

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