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amanda lee wells


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twisty loopys? lol

By: amanda lee wells
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i jus would like to say this site is pretty sick

i prolly go on it everyday. i love lookin at others great locks on their heads lol

iv wanted dreads for years, did a ton of resarch on them before i actually did them

i had one of my best friends section them out for me, (im going to be doing his dreads cuz he did mine)

anyway... i backcombed mine, a few are twist and ripp, and some i jus let them go all natural. each one of mine look different. their just a little over a month old now. some look great, but im jus a little concerned about the majority of them.

so my question is, is it ok for them to have mmmm how to explain this... like hoop thingys. my hair is really curly so they have twists in them. but its like a twisty hoop. im jus going to let them keep doin what they wanna but is that a good or bad thing?

i love my hair tho, iv NEVER died it so its got the nateral color to it, and my hair is super healthy, even some of my dreads are way soft. i havent used conditioner in over 2 months.

i live in a decent small town right outside of yellowstone. im the only person in my highschool with dreads. so i get alot of love, but i also get alot of hate. but quite frankly i dont give a shit. i just cant wait to see myself next year. with super long dreads (my dreads are already kinda long) all tatted up, riddin a street bike! down by the ocean.

life is pretty extraordinary, and im glad my dreads get to experience things with me :)

amanda lee wells
10/26/11 12:54:26AM @amanda-lee-wells:

hey soaring eagle thanks man, thats what i was hoping to hear!

oh haha and im planning on moving near the ocean ha cuz iv never seen it..:(

chelsey! thanks yours look pretty great too! may peace be with both you beautiful human beings :)))

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/25/11 07:57:12PM @soaring-eagle:

shrinking usualy stops between months 9 and 13 but u never know thats agenerality

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/25/11 07:44:44PM @soaring-eagle:

wheres there an ocean near yellowstone haha


its not only normal but nesacary to have loops thats them dreading

there will be lots more soon too

and then they will shrink..alot'

your long long dreads will get short hort short

then grow

they take years to get long again

but they will

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