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amanda lee wells


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uncool dandruff!!!

By: amanda lee wells
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whats up ladies and gentelmen?!

so iv had dreads for 2 weeks, and i know their still young and i have all the time in the world to let them dread up nicely. well to be honest im quite impressed on how their looking!!!!

so this is the advice im looking for

i wash my hair with a mixture of dawn dish soap, a lil sea salt, alo vera, viniger, and whatever else i find in my house that looks like it will help clean them, mix it together in a big bowl with water, i jus dip my dreads in that then rinse it out. but the problem is, i have mad dandruff!!!! and i try hard not to itch my scalp but i cant help it sometimes. if i could get ride of the dandruff that would be so amaxing! if any one knows anything on how to get rid of it please comment!

well have a glourious day! :)

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