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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Zipcode: 19103
Country: US


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audio tracks: 2

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I've Got Your Number

I've Got Your Number

8 years ago - Comments: 0
Recycled Air (acoustic)

Recycled Air (acoustic)

8 years ago - Comments: 0

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25 months!
six months!
dreadies at 3 months!
dreadies at 3 months!
dreadies at 3 months!
dreadies at 3 months!
dreadies at 3 months!


05/09/11 08:27:58PM @ant3:
thanx for the add

Jose Eduardo Belen
10/04/10 11:42:28PM @jose-eduardo-belen:
Thank you for the add.

09/27/10 09:02:37AM @gratefulnick:
I live right outside philly, in paoli. I'm usually in philly once or twice a week tho, its a quick ride by septa R5, less hassle then driving on 76.

09/25/10 01:55:02PM @gratefulnick:
Hey thanks for the add, I see your from philly! I was there last night at the e factory, kind of got jelly legs today from dancing all night, maybe we'll do lunch or chill or something one day. And your dreads are looking good

09/17/10 11:28:00AM @punk4peace:
thanx for the add!!

08/15/10 02:28:21PM @cavewoman:
how weird, same thing with me. actually re tnr'd the bottom ones after a month of them being totally loose hair after they all unraveled. The ones at the very bottom of my neck have come undone again, I suspect it's from taking off necklaces and changing and so on.glad to hear things are going good with your hair =) hope to see some pics soon =]

08/14/10 06:43:44PM @cavewoman:
hey there :D yes I do remember, they're doing alright. People tell me they are actually starting to look like dreads now which is exciting :3what about you and your babies?

07/28/10 02:30:40PM @recoverytrouble:
Hey Alyssa, thanks for adding:)

07/28/10 02:22:06PM @midread:
Hi Alyssa! Thanks for the friend request!

07/02/10 02:41:32PM @pamella:
Hi Alyssa ;) Glad 2 have U as a friend on here ~

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