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Alyssa Metzger


Location: Elgin, IL
Zipcode: 60123
Country: US


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By Alyssa Metzger, 2013-01-01
I've only ever made one resolution in my life for New Years. It was to fear change less and try new things. I tried rock climbing and bow shooting. Both of which are things I'm pretty good at now and enjoy. This year my resolution has come from my thoughts on a great book I'm reason--Buddhism for mothers f young children--a great read. My goal for myself is to just 'be' more. Enjoy the moment at hand. Not what's coming in the next hour or weekend or what I have to get done for the day. Just live each moment. The gift of life needs to be enjoyed more.
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Varying levels of progress

By Alyssa Metzger, 2012-12-29
How can the back of my head have dreads that have shrunk to 1/2 their original length and other parts if my hair that are doing nothing? It's Wierd that from the front my hair looks like regular straight hair. But the back is going nuts, which us awesome! I have loops and rock hard dreads back there. I know there isn't a rhyme or reason, it just seems like it would be a bit more uniform.
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By Alyssa Metzger, 2012-09-16
Why would a wool tam be preferred over a cotton one? Or is it not preferred just what people use? Curious about this one...
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