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Alyssa Danielle


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By Alyssa Danielle, 2013-05-07

My loops are getting absurd The entirety of almost every dread its a ball of loops. I know I just need to wait for them to grow out but I'm getting more and more impatient. Every day my mom says she wants to comb them out and redo them so they are straight again. I'm always like noooooooooooo cuz then I'll have to do this all over again.

The only thing that really makes me nervous is that some of the ends have been eaten into the loops, I'm not really sure what that will do later but I guess we will find out.

Most of the time i put the dreads and my regular hair up into a fancy bun when I'm going out. I have a hard time leaving them down under my straight hair because they are just a fluff ball around my neck which looks real awkard. Also I'm in a sorority and idk what it is that sorority girls love touching each-others hair... that gets weird quick when they feel my dreads and beads under there.

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