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Aloka Cinnamon Star


Location: Byron Bay
Country: AU


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Electric Mama
01/08/12 02:04:45AM @electric-mama:

Thanks! I love fashion! haha, my fiance's wallet hates it though :p lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/30/11 06:07:49PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and so glad u found us in a bit as they progress write up a comparison and hope u can get the wax all out

12/29/11 03:15:31PM @hippiegal:

Thank you for the add! Blessings to you too!

baby britt
12/28/11 11:53:01AM @baby-britt:

you're welcome, loki!

12/28/11 09:54:47AM @exalthimx7:

OMGOSH, yes, Hippiegal has locked up so fast it's incredible'] Mine is 2/3 locked up...all on the top 2/3 of my head, lol! I started with very short hair in April 2011.

12/28/11 09:52:21AM @exalthimx7:

Thanks so much for the friend'] God Bless your journey...xo

Aloka Cinnamon Star
12/28/11 04:30:02AM @aloka-cinnamon-star:
Hey hey there you two lovely peoples.... Thank you so soooo much for your advise, yea I wasn't to keen on putting wax in my hair to be honest... Have done quiet a few using the TNR process and LOOOOVE it.... Appreciate your advise so much. What a great web site this is. Love peace n blessings Loki xxx

12/26/11 09:37:24PM @hippiegal:

Hi from another Aussie, and welcome!

I also suggest you don't use wax or crochet. Wax holds up the knotting process and puts gunk in your hair that's hell to get out later. Crochet breaks hairs and weakens the dreads. You don't want your cherished dreads to break off, ever. The Dreaducation link on this site explains it all in more detail.

I thought my straight hair would never knot up without products and processes, but after six months of not combing my dreads are forming well. Other people take a longer or shorter time. Try TnR. It didn't work for me but works well for others. What I like about natural dreadlocks is that they form organically, are strong and beautiful and a clear reflection of the person's inner spirit.

Look around, ask us questions. Love to hear and see more of you! :)

baby britt
12/26/11 11:03:04AM @baby-britt:

hey girl, just a tip, FORGET THE WAX! nothing but bad news. hooks aren't that great either... if you're looking for quick locking try the twist and rip method. it's the safest and easiest on your hair. i think you'd be pleased. look up a member, lauren halsall. i believe she made hers using the twist and rip method and they look incredible. peace and blessings!

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